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Hi Zwerggeckos.com and fans.

First i would like to say im Danish, and my German is much limited, English is the best way for me to communicate.

I have keep Phelsuma sp and Lygodactylus kimhowelli, when it comes to Day Geckos.
Im looking for the easiest species/sub-species of Sphaerodactylus, That dosen't require much interference.

Also i could be fun if they whern't that
Available as CB or Long Term Captive,
And might be-abel to startup on simple food as flies/isopoda(Oniscidea/Pill bugs), or even Hermetia illucens.

Gonatodes might have further interest later on, also again Lygodactylus later on to.

Any inputs?
Ill might not be online that offen, but ill checkup once awhile on this post.

Stuff i know about this subject:
UVb is very importan, Sphaerodactylus are much smaller than Gonatodes and requires small food like Springtailes and insects that are in that size area (So i dont think my proposal for flies, isopda's etc might work that good)

Stuff i could use more knowledge on is stuff like banana jelly, or Day gecko diet, is that a waste of time, or? Any inputs are greath.

Big greetings from a Danish user,
Danni Hansen - Denmark, Post-area 4800.

Worlds kindest regards,
Danni Hansen - Denmark.

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Hi Danni,
Welcome to the forum! Don't worry, English is fine fore some of us. There is no need to study German :D

A lot of the larger Sphaerodactylus species are pretty easy to keep. These are fore example S. elegans, S. torrei, S. dimorphicus, S. macrolepis, S. nigropunctatus or S. ruibali to name just a few of them. All of them are available as captive bred here in Germany. A pair costs about 100-150 EUR. A stable diet for them are small crickets and roach species (Blaberidae sp. 'Kenya' is perfect), firebrats, small soft isopods (e.g. Trichorhina tomentosa - tropical white woodlouse; Porcellionides pruinosus - powder blue sowbugs, known in German as "Kubanische Asseln") or fruit flies (only occasionally because of their low nutrional value). Hermetia might already be too large. The size of the food should be about 5mm, max. 10mm for large adults. Take a look here for more infos: http://dwarfgeckos.com/ Raising the hatchlings is a bit harder because they need much smaller food. They need springtails, tiny isopods, micro crickets or aphids.

Kind regards,

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Registriert: 10.05.2008, 14:34
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Hello Danni,
Welcome to the forum!
Robert already answered most of your questions very well. Sphaerodacylus doesn´t eat banana jelly or fruit mash like other daygeckos. Very small Hermetia larves (about 0.5cm long) are also a good food for Sphaerodactylus. UV-B is not that important to Sphaerodactylus - you can use a bulb with a low amonth of it for this genus.

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Hi again guys.

Love the Reply's, just what i had in mind :) Also the German part, cause my German "ist sehr schlecht" (Thats the best i can do for now LOL)

This Saturday is "Rødovre Messe" in Copenhagen (Denmark), and it seams like happyreptiles.eu are going to show up.
My first thought was, some Lygodactylus sp. since they are almost always around, mostly Lygodactylus kimhowelli..

What should i keep in mind? I've guess all are WC (Wild Caught), and could potentially give me some problems with parasites?
Also im thinking to keep them 'boxed' while in quantine at home for 3-6 months (I use quantine boxes for keeping down stuff as parasites, decises, etc)

So im thinking something a exo Terrarium, thow as plast box, with some netting on each site, for a bit airflow.
If not enough, i could use my knowledge for attach a slow fan for more airflow.
Also i would next to the net, setup a Mega Sun UVB 10.0 13W, is that enough?

The box looks like this:
http://hw-homeware.dk/wp-content/upload ... se-jpg.jpg
(L:50 x W:39 x H:41 cm)
But my guess is thats not good enough for them?

Any thoughts?
I would like to keep them as simple as posible, until i can make sure they are parasit-free.

The feeding part seams relatively simple, last time i had kimhowelli (Some years ago, didn't knew much then) in a simple 30x30x30cm cage from Exo Terrarium. I had a pair then, and they where very active and seamed well established, they even layed some eggs, i had to sell them cause of moving, and didn't know if i could have animals in this apartment.

I could use a lot of suggestions :)

Worlds kindest regards,
Danni Hansen - Denmark.

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